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We generate a breakthrough in the innovation processes of the company or organization with its own human and material resources in order to accelerate projects and make them evolve to the next stage.

  • The company sets the goals and in H- Enea Living Lab, applying our ProPer (Project- Persons) process, we design and execute intensive ad hoc activities created for the teams involved, with a duration of 1 to 3 days. ProPer facilitates the stimulation of different teams in a company (whether they are interdepartmental or with different functions) or between different organizations, for the launch of new businesses, and it promotes the alignment of the people who participate in the new projects and goals of the organization.
  • Many innovations arise when people from marketing, sales, and R&D work together in the same direction.
  • We stimulate and activate teams coming from different companies and organizations (companies, universities, institutions, research centers, foundations) in joint innovation projects or in the launch of new businesses.