H-Enea is a Living Lab that belongs to ACEDE, the Basque Cluster Association of the Home Appliance Industry, and conceives people as the engine of the innovation needed by companies and organizations in order to be able to reach a complex and changing market.

Under this premise, H-Enea Living Lab helps businesses and organizations through its services so that they can get faster to the market with products and services that truly meet the needs of their current demanding and well-informed customers.


H-Enea Living Lab is formed by a team of professionals with multidisciplinary training and experience (social anthropology, psychology, social psychology, sociology, strategic design, systemic design, industrial design, applied innovation and project management). All these backgrounds use techniques and methodologies of the social sciences and traditional humanistics to analyze the behavior of users in real life, interpret their genuine needs, and offer companies the keys they need to guide the innovation in the direction demanded by the client.


This unusual working methodology, allows  companies to understand a complex and changing reality like the current one, in order to be able to react quickly to the rapid social changes and market products and services with innovative value propositions adjusted and accepted by the clients. The early involvement of the final customers also contributes to shorten and speed the innovation process.


H-Enea Living Lab’s team specializes in the household setting, in its broadest sense, understanding it as a system that provides quality of life for people who live in it and, at the same time, contributes to environmental sustainability of the society through a better management of the energy efficiency, and to the development of smart cities.

Within the scope of the household, H-Enea Living Lab has worked in depth on five specific areas or sectors, allowing to understand more accurately what is happening in these fields and give their customers the keys they need. These sectors are the following ones.


The perspective adopted by H-Enea Living Lab has been born from frustration. The frustration felt members of his team – with extensive experience in the field of innovation – when the traditional methods employed to try to identify the needs and desires of the clients did not hit the target, and the long innovation processes ended in commercial failure.

There is an unavoidable need to attend and listen to the voice of the consumers in order to detect new business opportunities. H-Enea Living Lab, appears to solve this problem, using social science disciplines to reach those opportunities.